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Price list and Contact Information

Violin-Family Instruments

  • Baroque violins: $6,000
  • Baroque violas: $7,500
  • Baroque 'cellos: $10,000

Baroque Viols

Viol prices run between $4,000 and $8,000 or more depending on size, model, and degree of ornamentation. An ornate instrument is typically between $500 and $1,500 more than the same model in a simple execution. The following prices are for instruments with a minimum of ornamentation:

  • Five or six-string pardessus, solid head with ornamental turnings, simple inlay, $4,000
  • Pardessus, treble, or alto viol with pierced scroll and simple inlay, $4,500
  • Tenor viol with pierced scroll and simple inlay, $5,000
  • Six-string bass and lyra viols with pierced scroll and simple ornamentation, $6,000
  • Seven-string bass viols with pierced scroll, plain pegbox, and simple inlay, $6,500
Viol ornamentation:
  • Carved head $500
  • Carved pegbox $300
  • Belly ornament $100
  • Inlayed back ornament (each design) $100
  • Inlayed ribs (each) $100
  • Purfled soundholes $50
  • Edge stringing on fingerboard and tailpiece $100

Bows, Strings, Cases

I am happy to recommend sources for bows, gut strings, and fret gut. I also offer standard cases for violin-family instruments and can arrange to have custom cases built for your viol.



All prices are in U.S. dollars; Colorado residents are subject to sales tax. International buyers are responsible for any applicable customs duties. I will provide certification that fittings are made of either fossil or vegetable (taqua) ivory and non-protected ebony. Prices include UPS ground shipment and insurance within the US for customers who cannot pick up an instrument in person. There is a $100 packing fee for customers who have not ordered or supplied a hard case for shipping their instrument.

I generally ask for a small deposit to keep your place on my waiting list with the balance payable at delivery.


Contact Information

I welcome shop visits by appointment. I do not keep a workshop phone so please e-mail me to arrange a chat by phone or a personal visit.

Workshop street address:
1723 Canyon Boulevard
Boulder Colorado

email: thomas@earlystrings.net


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